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Premium Software

Who we are?

We at Premium Software provide enterprise software solutions/developments. We are a team of software experts from Sri Lanka with a wide range of industry experience who provide business software solutions that deliver best user experiences driving  productivity and efficiency in growth focused organizations.

Our team assists any company from startups to mid-sized businesses and large enterprises no matter the industry they operate in. 

What we do?

‘Premium Software’ brings you powerful advantages to navigate your digital transformation

Workflow Automation Software

A good workflow solution helps you automate any business process in your organization. Look for a workflow software that is world class, quick and easy to setup and cost effective. WorkHub24 Workflow Automation Platform can be used to setup dozens of process workflows. It’s a cloud based platform and can be deployed very easily and quickly. If you are a big

Sales CRM Software

Simple & Flexible Sales CRM Software for Lead Management.
Being a Sri Lankan company, your sales process is unique, so you need a flexible CRM Software that can adapt easily to your business. This CRM Software can adapt to your sales process so that your team can close more deals in less time.

Online Approval System

Intrinsic nature of any organization whether it’s private or governmental is that their processes are built on requests and approvals. Request and approval process or simply the ‘Request Approval System’ must be a well-oiled system. This is where an Online Approval System comes handy.

HRIS System in Sri Lanka for HR Workflows

The only HRIS System for Workflows in Sri Lanka that’s most flexible & can adapt to your HR processes creating a happy workforce.

IT Asset Management Solutions

Our IT Asset Management provides complete control of your IT infrastructure which supports life cycle management and strategic decision making for IT environments. . This software is provided as an on-premise system or a service in the cloud.

SMS Gateway Solutions

PremiumSoftware offers a SMS Gateway Solution that is perfect for you to reach your clients. This gateway can be connected to any of the operators. We will configure and give you a ready-to-use SMS gateway for your business.

Web Development

PremiumSoftware team consists of an innovative and experience web development team who uses the best web technologies to give cost effective and the most phenomenal and elegant web development solutions across industries.

Document Management Systems

Premium Software DMS solution that allows businesses to control the production, storage, management and distribution of electronic documents, yielding greater effectiveness and the ability to reuse information and to control the flow of the documents.

BI Tools

We give life to your data with a feature rich Business Intelligence tool. This BI tool is affordable and cost effective in comparison to other BI tools like Microsoft Power BI, Oracle BI or Tableeu found in the market. We provide you with a rich set of data visualizations with an easy to use interface for exploring and visualizing data.

USB Copy Protection

This prevents data theft. USB Copy Blocking software blocks USB port data transfer out by unauthorized users of USB storage media. It’s suitable for any organization from small to large. It provides an ultimate solution to restrict users from unauthorized access of important information, confidential files and folders, stored data, etc. through any type of USB drives on the computer.

Custom Software Development

Talk to us If you are in need of a IT/software solution. We at PremiumSoftware specialize in providing total software & IT solutions and we guarantee customized business solutions for your organization, using the best of breed technologies, so that you can serve your customers better.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

expert in Robotic Process Automation in Sri Lanka. With RPA, you can automate your repetitive tasks quickly & cost-effectively. Our experts use the latest technology to transform your vision into reality. Our services allow small, medium & large enterprises to automate and speed up business process revolution & maximize ROI.

Premium Software

Technologies We Work With

As a custom software development company, Premium Software makes use of an extensive set of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools for projects of any scale and complexity.

We identify your business problems and come up with a combination of established and emerging technologies to give practical solutions to your real life business problems.

Industries we serve

Logistics | Retail | Automotive | Media & Entertainment | Telecom | Finance | Banking | Insurance | Healthcare | Agriculture | Government | Digital Enterprise | Tourism | Construction | Manufacturing | Consulting | Production | Advertising | Pharmaceutical | Information Technology

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