CRM Solution in Sri Lanka

Why Sales CRM is Important?

This article discusses the importance of Sales Digitization and the need for Sales oriented Customer Relationship Management (Sales CRM Solution in Sri Lanka) for Sri Lankan companies.

If you are looking for the Sales CRM Software,

You cannot lag behind

In today’s competitive world, a company cannot afford to lag behind. One of the most important assets of a company is the information it has of potential and existing clients. Many companies in Sri Lanka find it hard to keep track of the inbound leads flowing in to the company, though they understand the problem, their lack of understanding of a digital sales tools such as good CRM Software Solutions in Sri Lanka makes it difficult for them to take an action. Cost of this inaction is too much for the companies.

The risk

The most basic, but a fundamental risk of manual sales is the risk in loosing the valuable hard-earned sales leads and other sales information of the company. It could simply be due to salespersons not using digital tools such as a CRM Software. When this happens, one of the most obvious risks is, your employee(s) walking away with all the prospective sales and lead information when they leave the company.

Once you go digital

crm software solution on the go

Practice makes perfect..

Imagine you’ve digitized your sales process with a good CRM Solution in Sri Lanka. You then need to get your sales team constantly practicing it. Take a scenario where you’ve automated sales and all your inbound leads from various sources are automatically updated in your Sales CRM workflow. If no one acts on a request by a potential customer, that customer will go to someone else. That is a loss of business to you. That’s a potential leak in your sales funnel.

Less manual, more automation

A good Sales automation solution should minimize the manual data entry and other system related works of a salesperson. Then they can concentrate more on the selling than the manual data entry. A good Sales CRM Solution in Sri Lanka should aid the Sri Lankan salesperson with sales workflow automations such as automatic task assignments, emails, reminders etc.  


Close more sales in less time
with the best Sales CRM Solution in Sri Lanka

WorkHub24 can help you do all these plus many more easily. It’s the most flexible CRM available. WorkHub24 can make your Sales CRM Software digital transformation a very smooth one.

Some of the features include,

  • Automated efficient lead capturing from sources such as facebook, websites, emails and other sources
  • Quote generation
  • Integrating to your ERP/SAP systems and many more

These can easily be done here in Sri Lanka with WorkHub24 Sales workflow platform. Furthermore, If your team needs other workflows to manage the customer complaints, and other activities, WorkHub24 platform can be extended to provide such functionality easily giving you an all in one solution.

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