Document Management System

Our Document Management System (DMS, also called an EDMS – Electronic DMS) can help organize all of your files and data in one place, keep track of all of your critical documents, speed up your workflow, improve accuracy and provide around the clock access to documents from any part of the world.

Who is it for?

Organizations lose valuable time, productivity & money with content and document mishandling. This happens when documents are stored in multiple places—on paper, on laptops and USB sticks, in email and network drives, and across various file-sharing sites. If you are such an organization, then you should select a good DMS.

Document Management System-who is it for
Document Management System from Premium Software

Document Management System from PREMIUM SOFTWARE in Sri Lanka can bring your company documents under control with an on-premise or a cloud EDMS solution.

Features: Document Management System

  • Deploy in Cloud or On-Premise
  • Have separate areas for different departments (ex. Legal, HR, Operations, etc)
  • A different folder structure inside each department
  • Easy document uploading (with metadata)
  • Easy scanned document uploading
  • Quick and advance search of documents
  • Apply workflows for document processing
  • Folder and document templates for standardization
  • Many more
Document Management System Features

Document Digitizing

We not only provide you with the DMS, but also help you transfer your physical documents to the DMS, by scanning, uploading, indexing and quality verification. Premium Software’s digital archiving process (scan to electronic document) is a cost effective solution. It’s DMS and digitization solution is creating a trend in Sri Lankan document digitization services. It’s ideal for those documents, files and folders which are traditionally stored in filing cabinets, storage rooms or sent to an archive warehouse. When Digitizing, documents are digitally stored (with metadata) so that they can easily be retrieved and made available in few clicks.

Document Sanning and Digitizing in Document Management System by Premium Software

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