IT Asset Management Software

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to the easy to use ITSM solution with service desk.

IT Asset Management System

from Premium Software encompasses all these elements such as IT Asset Inventory Management, IT Asset Lifecycle Management, and IT Service Desk(IT Help Desk) as an ‘All-in-one Solution’.

Premium Software-IT Asset Management Software

Deliver exceptional IT service faster & reliably to your organization

Asset Management

Complete Asset life-cycle management starting from supplier delivery to withdrawal. Make right strategic decisions at the right time.

IT Asset Inventory

Computers, screens, printers, network equipment, devices, phones and many more including software & contracts with historical details.

IT Service Desk

Simplified user interface for reporting of incidents & service requests(tickets). Includes ticket life-cycle management & Comprehensive reporting.

Statistics & Reports

Get the inventory statistics and the help-desk statistics easily for a given period of time. Monitor KPIs for Service Level Performance.

The Best IT Asset Tracking Software

Computers, screens, printers, network equipments,devices, phones, Operating system management, Installed software management, Internal components management, Network components inventory, printers, cartridges and consumables, Certificates management, Telephony management, lines, phones, sim cards, the list goes on.

Premium Software-IT Asset Management Software-admin
Premium Software-IT Asset Management Software-Asset life cycle management

Asset Life-cycle Management

As an admin, it's important for you to know the stage of life cycle of your assets. Premium Software's Asset Management Software helps increase organizational productivity. It helps you to make informed decisions on IT needs and services. You can make better purchasing decisions by looking at various resources and their life-cycle stages.

Knowledge base & FAQ

Part of this IT Asset Management solution is the Knowledge base. You can Write articles with the WYSIWYG editor integrated with it. Knowledge-base links articles with inventory items and tickets. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is part of the KB. This feature can be very useful with regards to maintaining a database of questions that are common to end users.

Premium Software-IT Asset Management Software-kb-and-faq

Service Desk (Helpdesk)

Reporting of incidents and service requests(tickets) are handled here. A Good helpdesk is essential for an efficient IT team. Users can create and update tickets via e-mail too. Support availability management (opening and closing hours) together with knowledge-base linked to tickets that can automatically escalate problems comes handy for IT managers. Management of Service Level Agreement (SLA) and satisfaction surveys after closing the ticket are 2 important features of this IT Asset Management Helpdesk.

Premium Software-IT Asset Management Software-Service Desk Workflow

IT Asset Management (ITAM) is a  part of ITSM (IT Service Management). It enables organizations streamline & practice the process of incorporating IT assets across business units. Assets include all elements of software and hardware that are found in an organization. IT Asset Management Software binds all the elements of financial, contractual, inventory and service management to manage the overall life cycle of these assets.

IT asset management is also referred as IT Asset Tracking or IT Inventory Tracking. It is used to make decisions about purchases and how assets are being utilized. With a proper IT asset inventory and life-cycle management, companies can make use of their assets more effectively and avoid unnecessary asset procurement. 

Focus on Your Business - Not Infrastructure.

This modern, enterprise-ready, economical web based IT Asset Management Tool is available to you as an on-premise or a cloud hosted solution. This software is used by companies such as Boeing.

We provide the consultation, integration and implementation. Post implementation, we will provide you with the necessary training and support for continuous operation. 

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