USB Port Blocker

Prevent data leakage to portable USB storage devices

Data theft is a growing phenomenon primarily caused by office workers with access to technology such as desktop computers and a growing list of hand-held devices capable of storing digital information, such as USB flash drives, iPods, Phones and even digital cameras.

Why is it needed?

Since employees often spend a considerable amount of time developing contacts and confidential and copyrighted information for the company they work for, they may feel they have some right to the information and are inclined to copy and/or delete part of it when they leave the company, or misuse it while they are still in employment.

This USB Port Blocking Software App from Premium Software Pvt Ltd in Sri Lanka prevents data theft by blocking USB port data transfer out by unauthorized users. This results in prevention of data leakage.

It’s suitable for any organization from small scale to large scale organization. Software provides an ultimate solution to restrict users from unauthorized access of important information, confidential files and folders, stored data, etc. through any type of USB drives on the computer.


  • This program control all the USB ports of the laptop/PC
  • Easily installable
  • Multiple modes available to control the access, (Full access, Read only, No access)
  • USB modems and USB printers work in Read only mode and Full Access mode
  • Manual installation on computers or remote installation on hundreds of computers via active directory is possible.

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