Only CRM Software in Sri Lanka that can adapt to your sales process

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Choose the Simple & Flexible Sales CRM Software in Sri Lanka

Your sales process is unique, so you need a flexible CRM Software that can adapt easily to your business

WorkHub24 Sales CRM can be configured easily to match your sales process. This doesn’t need software customizations & hence can be put to use fast. With this CRM Software in Sri Lanka,Β  you will have your CRM running in no time.

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What options do you have when automating your sales lead management?

Manual methods or sales software that aren’t fit for
purpose can do more harm than good.

Excel sheets & Emails

πŸ‘Ž Collaboration is poor. Therefore, Excel sheets are only good for 1 or 2 man teams
πŸ‘Ž Spreadsheets are insecure: can easily be exposed to competitors
πŸ‘Ž Integration with other systems is manual
πŸ‘Ž It’s not mobile friendly
πŸ‘Ž Excel cannot automate admin tasks or reminders

Custom Developed CRM Software

πŸ‘Ž Custom developed CRM projects suck and there's high tendency to derail
πŸ‘Ž Takes long time to implement
πŸ‘Ž Significant initial investment
πŸ‘Ž There's no guarantee of the return on investment
πŸ‘Ž Upgrades and maintenance is costly and a nightmare

Off the shelf CRMs (ex. Salesforce, Zoho)

πŸ‘Ž Zero post sale customer service in Sri Lanka
πŸ‘Ž Not flexible, hence can’t be adapted
πŸ‘Ž No personal consultation, setup configuration and training in Sri Lanka
πŸ‘Ž Complicated for an average user
πŸ‘Ž They are expensive

What's the cost of choosing the wrong CRM Software?

You need to be extremely careful when selecting the right Sales CRM for your team.

With a wrong CRM Software,

  • Manual and double work lead to sales team frustration
  • Team resistance due to system complexities
  • Absence of right information for strategic decision making
  • Creates more work if CRM cannot be connected to other systems easily
  • Money/time wasted on a system that’s going to stay idle

How we can help with your new Sales CRM running in a short time, with less hassle and in a cost effective way?

  • WorkHub24 is a global Automation Platform available in the cloud.
  • We are experts for CRM Software in Sri Lanka. We will consult for your requirements and then setup, configure, optimize and train your team.
  • Since it’s in the cloud, there’s zero hardware requirements for the system. However, if you are a large enterprise, we can then setup a customized on-premise solution for you.

Intelligent Automation = More Sales

WorkHub24 gives you more ways to maintain a better system with quality sales data
βœ” Computations – System does the calculations on user behalf, therefore, less inputs for salespersons
βœ”Validations – Avoid users dumping garbage data
βœ” Permissions – Safe guard access to sensitive information

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premium software crm software lead sources

Get more deals in Less time with automated Lead Capture: Connect lead sources easily to your CRM Software

Lead feeds from sources such as websites, Facebook campaigns and email, can easily be automated removing manual work. As a result, it will make sure every lead you receive is counted and acted upon. Therefore, you will never let a lead fall through the cracks.

Save time, reduce manual work: No more manual data transfer from/to other systems

  • Your CRM Software will be connected to your other core systems
    • Ex. ERP, Core banking, etc.
  • Fully automated sending and receiving of information to/from 3rd party cloud or on-premise systems.
Document Management System Features

Close more deals on the go with Mobile Apps

Never miss an important inquiry, how? Get your notifications, check information and take the next steps on the go with Android and IOS mobile apps.

Sales Insights

You can easily understand how well your sales are progressing and your team is performing with dashboards and reports. As a result, its easy to track and analyze sales process, find the bottlenecks and take corrective action.


We are already helping teams just like yours to manage their leads and close more deals.

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