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Best Workflow Software for Workflow Automation

What is a Process?

Business processes are what companies do whenever they deliver a service or a product to customers. It’s a sequence of steps that’s followed repetitively.

What is a Workflow?

A workflow models a process so that a task sequence is carried out more productively and efficiently. They are well designed and optimized regularly.

Why Worflow Automation?​

This is the first and main step towards digital transformation. Save money at least 20% with a proper Workflow automation platform.

Best Approach for Workflow Software

A good workflow solution helps you automate any business process in your organization. Look for a workflow software that is world class, quick and easy to setup and cost effective.

Workflow Software that gives tailor-made workflows for you

WorkHub24 Workflow Automation Platform can be used to setup dozens of process workflows for you at no extra cost. It’s a cloud based platform and can be deployed very easily and quickly. If you are a big enterprise, we can do a customized local installation too.

We in Sri Lanka will work with you to give you the exact workflows you have in mind to improve your organizational productivity.


What options do you have to automate your workflows?

Manual methods or systems that aren’t fit for
purpose can do more harm than good.

Custom Software Development

πŸ‘Ž Custom applications projects suck and there's high tendency to derail
πŸ‘Ž Takes long time to implement
πŸ‘Ž Significant initial investment πŸ‘Ž There's no guarantee of the return on investment
πŸ‘Ž Upgrades and maintenance is a nightmare

Non Flexible So Called "Generic Workflow Platforms"

πŸ‘Ž These software comes from Generic Software houses who are not specialized in Workflow automation
πŸ‘Ž Very significant initial investment
πŸ‘Ž Very little flexibility, changes cost lots of money
πŸ‘Ž These Software platforms do not have a clear road-map for future, hence stagnant and will become outdated soon

What is WorkHub24?

WorkHub24 is a global Workflow Automation Platform available in the cloud. It’s a ready-made versatile workflow solution which allows creation of custom workflows easily.

We at Premium Software consult for your requirements and then help you setup, configure, optimize and train your team.

Since it’s in the cloud, there’s zero hardware requirements for the system. However, if you are a large enterprise, we can setup a customized local solution for you.

Workflow Software; Who is it for?

WorkHub24 is for those organizations who are planning for digital transformation. It's ideal for companies with unstructured processes such as,
βœ” Document Approval Workflows
βœ” Order-to cash processes
βœ” Procure-to-pay process
βœ” Issue-to-resolution processes
βœ” Application-to-approval processes
βœ” any other process that needs to be automated.

Document Management System-who is it for
Document Management System from Premium Software

How much does it cost?

You will be surprised! The pricing model is very much different from traditional workflow systems available in the Sri Lankan market. We offer you pay-as-you-grow model where your initial investment is far below than capex you spend on other systems.

However, if you are a large enterprise and want to setup locally, we offer that too.

Any Other Questions?

  • How long does the setup take?
    • Very short. It could be from few days up to few weeks depending on the number of workflows you require.
  • What about mobile apps?
    • Yes, everything included, both Android and IOS apps.
  • What about services and support?
    • We are a dedicated team here in Sri Lanka to help you setup and launch. We do provide excellent customer support too.
  • I have more questions
    • Sure, please talk to us
Document Management System Features

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