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Online Approval System in Sri Lanka

Get the best Online Approval System in Sri Lanka

Why an Online Approval System?

Intrinsic nature of any organization whether it’s private or governmental is that their processes are built on requests and approvals.  Employees send various types of requests and managers or directors approves them. 

Automation is the key

Request and approval process or simply the ‘Request Approval System’ must be a well-oiled system. Delays or break-downs could decrease the productivity, bring down customer satisfaction and seriously affect company bottom line. This is where an Online Approval System comes handy.

Components of an Online Approval System


1. Requesters and Documents

Requesters can be employees of the organization or it could even be outsiders. For example, they can be customers of a company or citizens when it comes to a government organization.

2. Information providers, Approvers and Approvals

Once a request is made, it could route through multiple persons before reaching the final approval. These persons have the responsibility of adding further information or intermediary approvals.


3. Conditions and Permissions

Request types are unique. For each type, it’s important to build in conditions such as who can approve what, to which level and when. These permissions automates lot of manual work and saves time for an organization shortening the approval cycle.

4. Statistics and Auditing

It is very important to find which ‘Request/Approval Workflows’ aren’t healthy, getting delayed and causing issues in the organization. Proper dashboards and reports guide you to streamline and optimize all your Requests and Approvals.


Is this the way to get an Approval System in Sri Lanka?

Custom Developed Software

👎 A custom application for each ‘Request/Approval Worfklow’ would be a nightmare
👎 Multiple applications make it expensive to procure and maintain
👎 These static applications never grow with the business, upgrading them always a hassle and costly
👎 Takes long time to develop, test and deploy

ERP Solutions

👎 ERPs are not designed to be user configurable and they are not flexible.
👎 Many ERP implementations fail when clients try to automate functions that go beyond the main business function of that business
👎 Using an ERP for highly specific Requests/Approvals requires ERP customizations results in longer implementations, delays and cost overruns.
👎 Requests/Approval workflows with ERPs could be prohibitively expensive. This is because, almost every employee would need to send requests or do approvals.

How WorkHub24 can be your best Online Approval System?

WorkHub24 gives you greatest flexibility, easiness and quick deployment with its customizable approval workflows. Platform is online and can be used anywhere, any time with web or mobile.

It can be connected to your other core systems such as ERP, SAP or even core banking or insurance systems.

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Online Approval Workflow Applications Available

Product Management

Petty cash workflow

This workflow allows small expense requests to be sent by employees for approvals by the immediate managers and finally to the finance team.

Project Management

Procurement Approval

Procurement approval workflow is used to automate the entire procure-to-pay process. One can configure complex conditions and set permission levels too.


Vendor Registration

Vendor registration allows to you to automate new vendor enrollment, onboarding and updating the company vendor master database.

Digital Agreement

Vendor quotation workflow

Company can easily automate supplier quotation approval process with this workflow. Multistep approvals for departments/persons also available.

Time Management

Time-off request approval

Manage/approve employee leave requests with documents attached such as medical reports. You can use rules to determine approval levels.

Eco House

Facility access request

Use this workflow app to grant authority for users to access facilities or assets. You can build the necessary approval levels and persons based on the facilities.


Budget request approval

Members of the staff submit budget requests to gain budget approvals for projects, departments or other expenditure. Streamline with multistep approvals and approval levels.


New hire request

New Hire Request Workflow is used to submit, approve and track the new hire requests. Relevant managers are notified of delays in the process.

Product Management

Travel requests approval workflow

Staff members need to sign-off and get the approval via this Travel Request Workflow when they travel for company purposes and on company’s expenses.

User Acquisitions

Employee onboarding workflow

Many departments are involved in an employee onboarding process. Use this Employee Onboarding Workflow to collaborate, track and efficiently automate and onboarding of new employees.

Vacation request approval workflow

Vacation request workflow is to request and approve employee vacation requests. Multistep approvals are available and can be reconfigured. HR can finally be updated of the outcome.


Purchase order approval

Make your PO process effective with the Purchase Order Approval Workflow. Cover the entire workflow from procure-to-pay. Configure multi-step checks, inputs and approvals. View progress in dashboards.

Digital Agreement

Invoice approval workflow

Release the pressure of managers and the finance team by implementing this Invoice Approval Workflow. You may configure different managers for approval based on org hierarchy.


Exit interview process tracking

Use Exit interview workflow to conduct well planned exit interviews with departing employees. Define exit interview forms and get the employee to fill. Analyze the responses with custom reports.

Mobile Payment

Simple Expense approval

Customize this Expense Approval Workflow to suite your organization. Bring in approval levels and permissions. Get alerts and reports on expenses. Transfer information to other systems such as accounting, ERP, etc.

Cloud Computing

Asset request workflow

Automate employee Asset Requests via Asset Request Workflow. They could be IT assets or other office assets. These requests could be multistep approved and could come from different geographies.

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