RPA - Robotic Process Automation

Premium Software is an expert in RPA in Sri Lanka. With our Robotic Process Automation Solution, you can automate your repetitive tasks quickly and cost-effectively. Premium Software’s team of experts uses the latest technology to transform your vision into reality. 

Our automation services allow small, medium and large enterprises to automate and speed up business process revolution, maximize ROI and process efficiency


Why RPA?

Be it small, medium or large, every profit oriented organization’s aim is to maximize profits. One of the main ways of increasing bottom line is by reducing the cost.

Robotic Process Automation(RPA) is the game changer for your organization. It’s not a physical robot that will help you to move around things or drive your vehicle. RPA is about relieving your human staff from manual repetitive mundane work. RPA is about using a bot running on a computer to mimic human tasks such as, interactions with web applications, web sites, portals, Excel worksheets, legacy apps, and email and helps automate the tasks.

It will do work faster, with zero errors at a fraction of a cost. Implementing RPA is much easier than you think. Talk to us.

RPA Simplified

What it could do?

  • Opening emails and attachments
  • Filling in forms
  • Copy and pasting data, then merging data from multiple places
  • Following “if/then” decisions, loops and rules
  • Extracting and formatting data into reports or dashboards
  • Moving files and folders, and extracting structured data from documents
  • Connecting systems through APIs
  • Reading and writing to databases
  • Making calculations
  • Scraping data from the web
  • Logging into web/enterprise applications
  • And many many more

RPA Benefits


Cost Savings

Remove employees from mundane repetitive tasks to productive work.

This gives ability to reduce operational cost and improve on bottom-line .


Automation with Existing IT Systems

Allows automating the interaction between IT systems including legacy platforms

Less need for large investments on IT system replacements


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Provides faster and quality customer service.

This gives increased value to customers, thus making them happy.


Avoid Human Errors

Errors caused due to human mistakes can be avoided resulting in reduced risk for the business


Productivity Improvement

Research suggests, an average worker is only productive for two hours and 53 minutes a day. However, bots in RPA work for 24×7 giving more return to the organization


Banking /Finance

In financial services, RPA doesn't just cut costs; it can also contribute significantly to the bottom line.  Some of the aras financial institutions can benefit are, *customer service, *KYC, *data consistency, *quick account opening, *streamlining card processing, *lending, *risk management & *compliance.  For example,  in loan processing, RPA software could automatically perform the credit check, copy all the data to other databases and cross-verify the data against government records(CRIB) in real-time.


The competition in FMCG is fierce. With limited amount of resources, RPA could help you achieve greater automation in many areas including, *reporting, *collections, *Logistics management, *supply chain management, *order management, *inventory management, etc. RPA doesn’t require you to replace or put new systems in place. It could work on top of the existing systems to help you automate and reduce costs in many areas.

Healthcare & RPA

Examples in healthcare include, >> Automation of large quantities of patient information processing & reconciliation. This results in saving valuable employee time & cost with no human errors. >> Automation of data extraction/retrieval from systems/databases or digital documents such as PDF & route them to appropriate systems or users for further action.  >> Processing HR & payroll related manual, repetitive mundane tasks such as transferring employee data from customer facing systems to backend systems.


With RPA telecom companies are able to easily automate large volumes of back-office work which are repetitive, rule-based and labour intensive. Some of the areas of automation in telecom are, *customer onboarding/ offboarding, *customer monitoring, *billing, and *network management. RPA is great way to scale your operations as a telecom provider.

Insurance & RPA

Automate huge amount of monotonous, clerical work in the insurance industry. Robotic Process Automation can be applied to areas such as *administering emails, *processing claims, *underwriting and *renewals. Automation can also be applied to areas such as *customer behaviour monitoring too.


In hospitality industry, RPA can play a pivotal role in releasing employees to attend to much important work such as customer servicing rather than getting bogged down in manual, repetitive work. *Automated check-in & check-out, *online booking management, *concierge recommendations, *cancellation handling, *loyalty processing are some processes RPA can automate. RPA can easily work on top of existing  multiple systems to automate a sequences of processes.

Education & RPA

Since the educational sector is flooded with tedious tasks, implementing automation tools like robotic process automation (RPA) for education can be ideal. Some of the areas of automation are,     >>enrollment process: Validating docs, assessing eligibility, of student applications can be automated.    >>Progress reports/marks: Extract the marks from databases, compile according to a format and even emailing to parents is easy with RPA.  Some other areas include, attendance tracking, HR automation and meeting scheduling.

Digital Media

Some of the areas media industry can automate with Robotic Process Automation includes, forms processing, document processing and verification, sorting/finding of files/records, CRM handling including advertiser records analysis, statement reconciliation, etc.

Manufacturing & Other

Manufacturers are the early adopters of automation. With RPA you can now take the automation to your backoffice also. RPA helps to strengthen your supply chain procedures, bridging the gap with day-to-day activities such as quoting and invoicing for certain suppliers, as well as accounts receivable, payable and general ledger operations.

RPA Can be Applied To..


RPA is able to work with HR related systems in your organization to automate many HR activities which will drive the employee satisfaction up. Tasks such as information transferring between front end attendance systems to back end systems such as payroll can easily be automated. Other automations include employee onboarding, expense management such as tracking employee expenses against company rules, and other employee data management activities.



Starting from activities like filling out contact information in CRM systems, sales can benefit from RPA in many ways. They include, monitoring of competitor information, analyzing systems like CRM and ERPs to monitor sales trends, analyze reports, preparation of regular reports and emailing to team and management, monitoring sites for new RFPs and opportunities, monitoring for incoming POs for further action, and many more.

Accounting & Finance departments can greatly benefit from RPA. Automations in this departments includes, accounts receivable, payable management, invoice processing, payment processing, customer onboarding & invoicing, cash application, inventory management, logistics management and many more.


Accounting & Finance

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) both equally frees professionals and employees doing labour intensive, repetitive and redundant tasks. This allows professionals to focus more on strategic initiatives and other employees to work on other demanding works which are worthy of their time and effort in the operations related deartments.



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Robotic Process Automation(RPA) is the game changer for your organization. It will do work faster, with zero errors at a fraction of a cost. Implementing RPA is much easier than you think. Be it small, medium or large,  we’ve got the best & the most economical RPA solution for you.

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